Hidden Paradise-

Blood of the Unwanted-

The Chaos Plague-

Series Overview:

New forces of nature threaten the prosperity of man and animal.  It all started when an excess of radioactive material had leaked into the earth’s core. Somehow, the coalescence of radioactive substance and the earth’s core changed the way nature worked and caused all the new plants, chemicals, and resources to emerge across the planet. With the new chemicals and resources, new diseases and new natural disasters began to emerge.

And with the new changes in environment came changes in the creatures that dwelt in it. A peculiar insect, known as Hox, was the first living organism to have been born from the strange radioactive mixture in the earth’s core. He therefore possessed all the new powers that would shape the new resources, regions, diseases and natural disasters that emerged from the radioactive mixture: he could trigger new rainstorms, summon various types of fire, stir up tornados, manipulate all new weather conditions, and cure all the new, deadly diseases that resulted from the new disasters and resources. 

A mysterious scientist named Dr. Z was the first to discover this strange insect. After carefully analyzing Hox’s DNA, Dr. Z discovered he could incorporate his genes into other earth-born animals and create additional species of powerful beasts that would regulate earth’s new natural forces, heal the diseases brought upon by the new resources, and protect the civilizations of humankind. Thus, by incorporating Hox’s blood into the blood of different types of animals, Dr. Z created numerous new species of artificial beasts. These beasts became known as “genopets.” Their existence altered the natural environment and brought significant changes to the lifestyles of mankind.

As a result of Dr. Z’s creation, different races of humans were assigned to train a specific species of genopets. Humans races thus became segregated into their own “clans,” and each clan lives in harmony with the particular genopet species the clan was assigned to train. Hence, each species of genopets became vital sources of human progress and sustenance: each species was trained to regulate the natural conditions of the world. Some were responsible for shaping the lands, controlling the climate, or providing human families with food, water, shelter, and electricity.

All species are thus the sole contributors to the advancement and prosperity of each individual human race.

These novels address three important themes:

1.) The relentless battle between nature and man’s scientific progress

2.) The beneficial (and dangerous) impact of scientific and medical advancement on racial divisions, culture, and society.

3.) The impact of culture and society on scientific and medical advancement


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