Michelle currently attends Duke University as a premed student with a major in psychology and a minor in biology. Her aspirations to be a physician are strongly intensified by her past experience with writing sci-fi novels, as well as her passion for analyzing different personality “types.”

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Genotopia is a series of 3 novels that she had written as a result of her fascination with everything she was learning about biomedical sciences. The 3 novels take place in a world dependent on genetically modified animals, in a world afflicted by bizarre, imaginary diseases, and genetically modified animals. Her fascination with biology, animals, and the power of the human mind, drove Michelle to write the series. Although at the age of 5, she completed her first book (100 pages of childish drawings with 2-3 sentences per page), and over the course of both her elementary and high school years, completed 11 novels and 8 short stories, Michelle emphasizes that she has no interest in making a career out of writing fiction. She feels less motivated to write if she makes it an obligation to write. That being said, being an author would not be an ideal career for her.

Writing about imaginary characters sparked her fascination human psychology and personality analyzing, while writing about imaginary diseases that threatened her characters sparked her fascination with biology. Thus, she developed a strong interest in medicine, since her love of biology and personality analyzing made her become fascinated with a role with which she would be combating diseases that would threaten both the physical and mental well-being of people. And unlike her experience with novel-writing her passion for medicine remains strong when she engages in the learning process for leisure, as well as when she engages in the learning process as an obligation. Taking her premedical courses taught her that she loves learning about medicine, and the motivation remains strong, if not stronger, when it becomes an obligation to learn medicine. Interacting with patients and providing support for people with medical problems are also activities that she naturally enjoys, since she was never impatient or felt any urge to hurry up the process, regardless of whether the tasks were leisurely or obligatory.

Since writing about imaginary characters and imaginary diseases sparked her passion for analyzing personality, human psychology, and biology, she is eager to dedicate herself to a career in medicine, aiming to advance the medical sciences in ways that would benefit society as well as the physical and mental well-being of individual people, just as she had done with the characters in her novels.


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