I am a Duke University graduate with a BS in psychology and a minor in biology. Currently, I am working as a medical scribe before I start medical school in the fall of 2019. My aspirations to be a physician are strongly intensified by my experience with writing Genotopia, a series of 3 sci-fi novels about genetically-engineered animals with disease-curing superpowers. 

michelle pictureThe 3 novels take place in a world afflicted by bizarre, imaginary diseases, and genetically modified animals. My fascination with biology, animals, and the power of the human mind, drove me to write the series. Writing about imaginary characters sparked my fascination with human psychology and personality analyzing, while writing about imaginary diseases that threatened my characters sparked my fascination with biology. Thus, I developed an intense desire to pursue a career as a physician so that I can feed my insatiable thirst to learn about biomedical sciences as well as my calling to use my knowledge to help people.

Since writing about imaginary characters and imaginary diseases sparked my passion for analyzing personality, human psychology, and biology, I am eager to dedicate myself to a career in medicine. Writing stories (nowadays, only very short pieces of fiction) will only serve a minor and secondary purpose of feeding my desire to keep learning about medicine and connect with people suffering from medical complications. 


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