AUTHOR INTERVIEW with SIMON BARRY PALMER Advice for Planning, Writing, and Marketing Your Book

Welcome! My name is Michelle Dalson, and I will be interviewing Simon Barry Palmer, author of Lost Innocence. This interview will be unusually short, due to the limited time this author has today. However, Simon has experienced the harrowing process of writing, publishing, and most of all, marketing. As briefly as he can, he will share his journey, along with some helpful tips for other writers and aspiring authors!

The Planning Process:

Michelle: Thank you for participating in this interview, Simon! Let’s discuss ONE novel that you have published. Describe how you planned the storyline of this novel. Did you outline your chapters before you wrote them? Did you keep a document where you jotted down all your ideas as they came to you?

Simon: ‘Lost Innocence.’ I wrote a detailed outline of the whole manuscript then wrote a first draft then edited frequently.

Advice for aspiring authors about planning for a novel: Research your story, characters and let your novel grow and take different directions as you write it.

The Writing Process:

Michelle: Let’s discuss the writing process of your book. How many drafts did you go through before you finally published your book?

Simon: Several drafts, edits, content edits, copy edits then a final proof read. I worked with several editors for my first book and yes I found them to be useful.

Michelle: And did you have anyone read your story for feedback? Beta readers? Critique partners?

Simon: Friends, family and sometimes strangers. Friends and family will always be kind. Have strangers read and critique your work.

The Publishing Process:

Michelle: What route did you take to publish your novel? Large press, small press, or independent publishing?

Simon: Small press. It felt like a good option at the time and the publishers were willing to edit my work.

Pros: You have some assistance with editing and formatting.

Cons: You lose some control over certain decisions.

The Marketing Process:

Michelle: Alright let’s hear how you drew people to read your book. What marketing strategies did you use?

Simon: I made a trailer for my first book and gave half of it away for free. I gave half of the book away for free on goodreads and met people there.

I posted on writers pages and groups. I connect every day with people on facebook. I follow people and post on twitter daily.

Michelle: What other websites did you use to promote and sell your book? Any websites you recommend for other authors to promote/sell?

Simon: I’ve met people on Linked in.

Michelle: Any additional advice you’d like to give to aspiring authors about marketing?

Simon: Get your name out, if it’s your first book, give it away.

Additional Info:

  1. Website address:
  2. Facebook contact info:
  3. Twitter contact info: Simon palmer author @ sypalmer199
  4. Goodreads contact info:
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