Since this is my first post, I will start off with a brief introduction about myself. Most of what I will be talking about can be found at my “About Me” page in this site! But I’ll mention a few more things in this blog.

As you may have already noticed, my name is Michelle Dalson. I am a student at Duke University, and I love science, reading, and creative writing. My favorite genres of reading are YA, fantasy, science fiction, and almost any type of fiction. Meanwhile, my favorite genres to write are YA, fantasy, and sci-fi. As of right now, I am currently working my latest YA/sci-fi novel, The Dark Shadows Arise. This is the first book in my Genotopia series, a series about genetically modified animals. The vision of a more intimate relationship between humans and animals, combined with my fascination of biology, the environment, a love of animals, and the power of the human mind, is what drives me to write books like this.

When it comes to reading, I value two things in a good book: (1) an engaging, mind-twisting plot, and (2) strong, enthralling characters that readers can easily attach to.The books I have read throughout my high school years as an AP/IB student, as well as the books I value reading in my free time, help me imagine new worlds and plots for my stories.

Meanwhile, my relationships with the people around me—especially friends, teachers, classmates, and roommates—play a huge role in my inspiration for my characters (I’ll never forget how the mean, cranky teachers at my elementary school inspired me to write my first short story snippets about comedic teacher-student relationships when I was in 5th grade!). 

Well, that’s enough about me for now. My future blogs will involve interviews, writing polls, and other topics of discussion, depending on what is trending on my mind. I plan on posting at least once a week, on Friday nights. 

If anyone has any questions about me or my website, please ask away! 

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3 Responses to Introduction

  1. Botanist says:

    Hi Michelle, saw your post on Goodreads, I like that you’ve chosen the biological rather than physical sciences as the basis for your stories. In my own writing I like to include “soft” tech such as materials and drugs. Now following via Blogger (I prefer to pick up new posts from my dashboard rather than email)

    • Hi Ian,

      Thank you! I’m trying to follow you too…although I cannot seem to find the follow button on your site. Can you let me know what I’m supposed to do to follow you?
      Yes, the biological sciences amaze me as well as the physical sciences. However, I decided to write about the former since it will be something I plan on studying once I start college. Glad that you like to write about similar things as well! I took a glimpse at your book and Shayla’s world, and it seems very interesting. Did your studies also inspire you to come up with such ideas?


      • Botanist says:

        Hi Michelle, that’s strange, I use the standard Blogger “Google Friend Connect” widget which should be visible right beneath my profile in the sidebar. You may need a Blogger profile to use it but it should be visible regardless.
        I just noticed that the button is labelled “Join this site” rather than “Follow” – one of Blogger’s little quirks 🙂

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