Calling All Authors and Aspiring Authors!

As an aspiring author, I am eager to learn how other writers have handled the process of writing, publishing, and marketing their own books. I’m sure other writers and aspiring authors are willing to learn from those who have experiencing (or are in the process of experiencing) the journey to publishing and a book and gaining a readership! Thus, On behalf of myself and other aspiring authors, I will be hosting interviews for published/self-published authors, asking questions that focus on the following four topics:

  1. How the author planned the course of his/her stories
  2. The writing, rewriting, and editing process of the author’s books
  3. What steps the author took to publish their book 

And the advice that every writer needs:

  1. What steps the author took to market their book and get people to read it!

 Whether you are aiming to attract a handful of readers, or dream of becoming a bestselling author, these interviews are meant to help aspiring authors and writers of all genres fully understand the planning, writing, publishing, and marketing processes for an author. In the interviews, the published/self-published authors will explain the key points of their writing journey and provide tips and advice, from planning story your ideas to getting people to read about it. I hope you find these interviews helpful!

How the Interviews Work

   Each author will be given a document of interview questions that fall under each of the four categories above. The author will choose a specific date in which they will have the questions completed and ready to be posted on my blog. Once the author has finished completing the interview questions, I will be posting the entire interview on my blog, and I will be sharing the blog on all the appropriate writing groups on facebook, twitter, and goodreads. The author who was interviewed is also welcome to share the blog wherever they’d like!

Eligibility for Interviews

   You are eligible to schedule an interview if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have written a book
  • You have helpful advice for other writers

   And that’s it! 

Schedule of the Interviews

   I will be posting the interviews every Friday, starting September 5. This means on Friday, September 5, I will be posting the interview questions and answers from a writer. I will share the post on facebook, twitter, and goodreads so that I can get as many people as I can to read your interview throughout the following week. The writer that was interviewed will also have a chance to advertise his/her interview after it is posted.

   By the time it is Friday of the next week, a new author interview will be posted and shared. This way, authors will have the chance to promote themselves, while aspiring authors can learn from a variety people who have gone through the writing/publishing/marketing process.

   Here are the spots we have for interviews (there are 11 spots)

Sept. 5

Sept. 12

Sept. 19

Sept. 26

Oct. 3

Oct. 10

Oct. 17

Oct. 24

Oct. 31

Nov. 7

Nov. 21

Let me know what date you’d like to have the interview questions complete, and I will email you the PDF of the questions.

Please pick a convenient date. You will need to have the interview questions completed by then! That way, I can post the interview on my site and start promoting.

For all you aspiring authors, feel free to follow me to stay updated on the interviews!

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7 Responses to Calling All Authors and Aspiring Authors!

  1. September 5th is good.

  2. Hello, I would love to do a interview with you. Sign me up for the next available date and send me the questions. Have a blessed day. Shirley McLain

  3. October 17th – or earlier if more convenient for you. Or later!

  4. I’d be interested in being part of this project if there are any slots left (I know I’m running behind). Any date is good for me; I can fill-in any open slot you’ve got. Thanks!

    • Hi, our dates are all filled up now, but I will be hosting another round of interviews in January.
      In the meantime, you’re always welcome to follow me and keep up with the interviews that will be posted, and comment with your own questions to the particular author being interviewed

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